One of my favorite and most trusted sites for Oracle information is AskTom ( One of my favorite quotes I have read at least a hundred times is “I learn something new about Oracle every day”.  I wouldn’t say I learn something new every day, but this has been one of the more fruitful weeks in this regard.

As I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with one of our DBAs today, I realized how lucky I am to work in a place where others are willing to share what they know and answer questions.  I made a mental note to remember to do this with others when they ask the same of me.  In the spirit of “Thanksgiving”, I found myself thankful for having the time and flexibility to learn in my current job and I am thankful for those around me willing to teach.  I don’t care how impressed you are with yourself, there is always someone who can teach you.

I guess the message of this little post is to encourage the three people who read this blog to be willing to take the time to share what they know or learn with others.  When you create an environment that fosters sharing information instead of competition, everybody grows.  That being said… a little competition among the team members is healthy as well.


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